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Reviews of HP

2020-05-08 23:26:43

I'm happy

My new printer, an OfficeJet Pro 9025 makes me happy. I must admit that my old thoughts about HP products and support are now ones of the past.

2020-05-06 15:17:22

Products have some issues..but when I can get through to CS, they have been good.

The laptops always seem to have issues. On the other hand I have terrible luck with laptops. I've had 2 arrive faulty (from other companies).Getting in touch can be quite difficult sometimes. I purchased my laptop at currys and they kept saying on the website that if I bought from currys or dixons that my warranty is with teamknowhow, and that the factory one does not apply which..isn't true? I've never had any evidence of this at all and my laptop came with a factory warranty. Because it's registered as purchased at Currys I kept hitting a wall trying to get help with my severely broken laptop. It wouldn't let me get through to customer service because they knew it was bought at Currys! A huge piece of metal somehow just came out of the laptop, it was sticking out at all times, very heavy. I don't know where it came from and there was no way of pushing it..back inside or ...anything like that. It was immovable. Utterly bizarre issue I've never encountered haha.On top of that eventually the screen started to crack and crumble! It wasn't dropped, it was spontaneous and I have no clue how that piece of metal physically was sticking out the laptop, there's no giant hole for it.It was within factory warranty and I contacted HP via facebook if I recall but I was extremely doubtful they'd help me. I thought they would just say I broke it and frankly, I don't know how I would have been physically capable of getting that piece of metal but I know a lot of CS places will do anything to not help you.That being said, I sent a few pictures, explained the above and HP happily collected my laptop. I was very worried that they would hold my laptop and tell me I need to pay a fortune to get it fixed but they actually fixed it free of charge! It was only gone for 5 days in total!This is not the first time I have had problems with an HP laptop. My first one the solid state drive was screwed up or something. Was a few years ago so I'm foggy on the specifics. The laptop went incredibly slow and you practically couldn't use it. I had nothing but your standard protective software on it so it was not overloaded with installs. Really only used it for internet. Cleared the cache, removed unnecessary preinstalls. Still, the memory was at almost full use! I had to fight them a little on getting a repair for it but they did free of charge despite being JUST out of warranty. Collected, repaired and returned within about 2 weeks.Overall, the products are..not the best for me..but I do have bad luck with laptops, can't lie. Out of all laptops I've had HP have been the best customer service wise. Trying to get through to CS was a bloody nightmare for me with my current laptop being from Currys but when I did get hold of them eventually, they sorted out my issue fantastically and within a very good time frame. Also have an HP printer that had a couple of issues and HP support took me through sorting the issues out step by step.

Jose Unte1968
2020-04-27 16:57:15

These guys are amazing

These guys are amazing. I called on 1(855) 948-3900 canon printer helpline number for canon technical support. I checked on the web and discovered official toll free Hp tech support phone number. Yet, there was no audits or input so I took a risk. They charged me a sensible expense to come and look and guaranteed that their best repairman would fix my Canon printer. Thanks guys to help in at the time of Covid-19

Winston Breeden
2020-04-14 23:04:46

The Scan to Email Wizard was the…

The Scan to Email Wizard was the easiest set up for my MacBook Pro that I have ever seen. I can't believe how quick and simple it was and your deserve praise.

David Berenyi
2020-04-01 13:46:10

Bought an HP laptop

Bought an HP laptop, brand new. I was so happy bc it is so fast and reliable. Then it broke down after a month. I was disappointed and came to see HP reviews. Realised there are loads of bad reviews about customer service. I panicked a bit but called HP, I told my problem and they sent a driver to pick the laptop up. 5 days later, they delivered the lap, fixed and cleaned. I think they handled the issue the best they could and I didn’t have to wait long on the phone either. I guess people tend to give bad reviews if they have issues but don’t bother to give feedback if everything is positive so after seeing this loads of bad reviews, I thought it’s the right thing to do that I give my positive feedback about my experience. Mistakes happen, it’s about how you handle them. Nice work HP

Jessica Loper
2020-02-20 05:11:19

I have been using my hp laptop for…

I have been using my hp laptop for about a year. This has been solid laptop so far. I didn't have any issues so far. Thanks.

2020-02-12 16:25:12

I messed up my order but they helped!

I messed up on my original order, being quite nerve-wracking since this is the most expensive product I've ever bought. They have a quick turnaround on products and couldn't cancel the first laptop in time, which is understandable. I called in and was told that it was no problem, that I could just return to sender and get a refund. Great! Ordered the laptop I meant to get. I then noticed the address didn't have my house number (not sure if my fault or not but eh). Called them up again, the lady that responded was really helpful, told the delivery company to just return to sender instead of trying to deliver and giving them my address so the other laptop could get here. So far all working smoothly, expecting a refund for the mistake purchase once it gets back to HP.

2020-02-05 17:08:19

Feels Good To Be a Gangsta..

I've had nothing but trouble with my HP all in one printer from the start. The hardware, software, and customer service are all sketchy. I'm giving 3 stars because 3 out of 5 times. I can actually get the job done about that often. Recently I've been concerned that the HP 4630 is self aware. It certainly sems to have a mind of it's own, an there is no logical reason for the way it sometimes just doesn't recognize my macbook, or prints non-sense in the middle of the night. I considered demonic possession, alien mind control etc..It's just hard to know. What I do know? I will never buy another HP product, and when this printer/scanner/supposed fax from hell finally dies, I'll pull an Office Space in the front yard and go after it with a baseball bat.

Kellie Chesworth
2020-01-30 16:35:11

love my computer and printer

Chloe Robinson
2020-01-12 14:28:04

I use their HDMI to Usb-c convertor and…

I use their HDMI to Usb-c convertor and it is still working good. I can say it was a good experience for me

2019-12-13 23:07:20

I've just had the BEST experience with…

I've just had the BEST experience with HP! My small business relies on HP printers and when one of them finally died after years and years of hard use, I was in a near panic because we had labels and shipping to print off for holiday orders and nothing that would print them! I checked prices of new printers at Walmart and found them actually cheaper on HP's website so I ordered a new one and 4 ink cartridges, paid around $30 for next business day shipping, and BAM, everything showed up LESS THAN 24 hours later. I couldn't believe it. The new printer (pro 9015) works awesome. It's fast and the print quality is even better than my old one. THANK YOU, HP, for keeping my business on track!

2019-12-10 00:20:53

HP doesn't provide good customer service & blocks negative reviews

HP refused to publish my review, so I'm posting here because I think it's wrong they get to screen out any negative reviews on their products or services.I ordered an HP-15t laptop in September. The computer is fine, but the trouble came when I tried to get some technical assistance to transfer data from my old computer to the new one. Here's the review I wrote for the HP website: Good Laptop--Lousy Customer ServicePretty chunky, but great price. I bought my HP laptop a couple months ago and had trouble transferring data from my old computer. When I called customer service, it was super difficult to get through to technical assistance, then I was told I would have to pay for guidance. My rating is based on a 4 for the computer and a 1 for tech assistance.I received an email from HP stating the following: Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

2019-12-03 20:54:16

Pretty good desktop PC from them

Debrah Fritz
2019-11-26 19:47:09

Awesome accommodation

Ms. Z is amazing. We are visiting from the East Coast. I do not know much about the various types of coffee, however, mattes are too strong. I asked Ms. Z to make a latte-like drink with regular coffee, hot chocolate, milk, and flavored cream. In NJ, I once asked for this, and I received a rude response. Ms. Z is a beautiful representation of Sedona.

Sarah X
2019-11-17 00:28:19

Great Customer service.

I called HP customer service last week for my Officejet printer, REN helped me. She is very patient and professional, I was very satisfied with what she did for me.

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